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Overview of Keyword Research and What You Need to Perform it?

In this Digitization era, you can easily get your answers for any query with search engines. They have created an easier path for us to find answers, and the queries that we type in search engines are the keywords that you need to rank for. You might have heard the term “Keyword Research” flying around a lot.

So, in this article, our research is primarily tailored towards explaining this concept and giving you an overview of how you can perform it.

What is Keyword Research?

So, what exactly is it? Let us explain in simple words. The online world has loads of content, but search engines only show the relevant content to a user who searched for it. Those search queries that they put into their Search Engines are keywords.

If your content is optimized for that keyword, Search Engines will show your query at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). So, for optimizing, you need to do keyword research. You need to know what your target audience is searching for. Building your content relevancy is the key. For your convenience, here is an overview of keywords and content relevancy.

  1. They are queries, that people search in Google or any other search engines. (Keywords)
  2. They are essentially the idea that defines your topic and makes it relevant to user queries
  3. Relevant results will be shown to the people who searched for it.

How to Perform Keyword Research?

Well, there are several ways to perform keyword research, but finding the best keyword to work on requires expert knowledge. We always recommend people to look for professional help to rank better. You can use an SEO agency for this task, but we will show you how you can perform it on your own.

There are essentially two ways to perform keyword research, one is free, and the other is a paid method. Let’s start with free methods.

FREE methods!

We know that the word “free” always sounds amazing, but you need to understand you get limited access by using free methods. OK, let’s cut the crap and get straight to the point, so to do keyword research, you need to use online tools that show you the accurate search volumes and competition of those keywords.

But free tools will only provide you with some details. So, here are a few free tools that you can use.

  1. Google Ads (Google Adwords)
  2. UbersuggFREE methods! est
  3. H-Supertools
  4. Keywords Everywhere

These are some of the free tools, that you can use. They are easy to use, and you can find many tutorials on YouTube, but still, we will give you an overview. For Google AdWords, or Uber Suggest, you need to make a free account. Then open the keyword planner in both, and type the name of the topic that you are going to write on.

These tools will let you know the search volumes and competition on your keywords, and they also suggest alternatives. Once you find the perfect keyword then you need to optimize your content on that specific keyword.

Please note that while using uber suggest you only get limited queries because it is a premium tool. So, it’s better to find the best keyword by using other tools first, and then use uber suggest for more details on your keyword.

With Uber Suggest, you can do site audits or post audits to find what keywords are ranking your competition website. The best tip is to use those keywords as well and always create better content than the competition.

Paid Methods!

Paid tools are great for keyword research, and we recommend using them because they provide more details. As an example, you can check out uber suggest, which is a premium tool with a free limited variant.

For ranking better, you need to learn everything about your target audience and competition. Premium tools help you achieve that, but some of them are really expensive. So, what you can do is hire an SEO agency for this task.

They usually have premium tools and can help you out at better rates than the subscriptions. Nevertheless, if you still want to opt for paid tools, here is a list of quality ones.

  1. Ahrefs (V. expensive but accurate and offers so many features)
  2. Moz
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. SEMrush


In this article, we provided you with an overview of keyword research, but remember it is a very complex process. We always recommend hiring a professional for keyword research. Most of the time, you need to rank using several keywords in your articles. It’s not that simple, you can’t just find and place keywords in your content without proper research. You need to know about the basics, higher search volumes mean increased competition. But if you rank on high volume keywords, you will get more profit and reach out of it. The higher the competition, the hardest you have to work on that keyword. So, it is always better to use professionals for this task and choose multiple keywords to rank on.

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