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How to Create Backlinks to Your Website or Posts?

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO, and link building contributes a lot to SERP rankings. So, in this article, we will inform you about how to create backlinks to your website. We will try to give you an overview of three different ways that you can use to generate backlinks.

Before that, knowledge about backlinks is necessary for creating them. And geting high-quality ones is necessary because they matter a lot. So, first thing first, let us give you a brief on what exactly backlinks are.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links from other websites, they are hyperlinks that another website uses to link back to you. Confused? Well, let us explain in easy words. So, whenever you are writing an article or an assignment. You might use some links to reference the source material. 

So, you place them in your article or assignment to refer to that website. The reference link you placed is the backlink to that website. And If you publish it online, the search engine crawlers can use those backlinks to navigate to their site.

These crawlers or bots are used by search engines to decide what page should rank on top of SERP. So, if your content and pages are optimized for specific keywords and search engine bots find your link in another high authority website. They will rank your website higher than the competition. So, this is essentially what backlinks are and why they are important.

You can rank without backlinks as well, but if you are aiming for high competition keywords. Backlinks are one of the highest contributing factors that matter for your ranking. We are not saying that only backlinks matter, but they are necessary for long term SERP rankings.

How to Create or Generate backlinks?

Backlinks generation from high authority websites is usually not easy. You can create a lot of low domain authority backlinks, and it may or may not help you out. But creating high-quality backlinks is the key.

So, we will show you three ways to create backlinks, but before you proceed further. Remember that we can only give you an overview of how you can create backlinks. These are just ways that you can use, not the actual detailed method

1) Create Backlinks Organically

Creating backlinks is not easy, but what you can do is to publish quality content that people like or is unique. If you are a source of some interesting content, then there is a higher chance of you generating quality backlinks to your website. But first, you do need to get discovered somehow.

You can use SEO strategies to rank on different low competition keywords that might help you out in backlink generation. Here are a few tips for high-quality content.

  1. Write unique and extensive articles. If you are writing something similar to your competitors, check them out and always write something better.
  2. Use illustrations, images, and other media to make it interesting
  3. Only write to the point content and write in small chunks, instead of long paragraphs
  4. Create attractive headlines and always use accurate information.

2) Create them Manually

Another way to generate backlinks is by manually placing them on other websites. You might be wondering, how is that possible? or Is it easy to do? The answer is not that simple, what you can do is try guest posting on other websites. You can even write on some free high authority websites such as

Use freelancing websites or groups to find potential clients or writers of some high authority websites. Ask them that you will write some high-quality content for their website for free, but only if the included links are not removed.

Then write your content and embed your link naturally into your content.

3) Approach Authority Websites and Ask them to link back to you.

This method is a bit hard and time-consuming. You should try to find business emails of any high authority website that is relevant to your content and email them with your content link. Just don’t start spamming emails at them. Write professionally, and before you even approach them make sure your content is high quality.

Because you can only get backlinks from their website if they think it goes well with their content. You might be wondering, why would someone want to link back to you? There is a simple reason for that, if your source is better than theirs, linking back to you will increase their credibility as well.


There are a few other ways that you can use to generate backlinks, but essentially these are the three-way that you can use. If you think it is a hassle you can hire SEO agencies to generate backlinks. However, it can cost you money to get these services. If you want to create free backlinks, you can try the above-mentioned methods.

Always remember, don’t focus all your efforts on backlinks. Work on your on-page SEO first, the quality and relevancy of your content matter a lot. Never forget that your end goal is to gather an organic audience, so write for the audience not for the bots

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In this informative post, we have created a guide on how to create backlinks for your website. We have also included free backlink methods.

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